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August 2023

11/04/23 – Columbia

Bedlam Hour is proud to perform live at the upcoming Jam Room Music Fest in Columbia, SC on 11/04/2023. The show will be in downtown Columbia, SC on Main Street. We will be playing in the afternoon. More details coming soon!

Missing Fink Records

Be sure to go over to missingfink.com to pre-order your copy before the big record release party at Finkfest 2023 in Savannah, GA on Saturday, 10/21/2023 at Lodge of Sorrows. https://www.missingfink.com/

My Mother Doesn’t Know I’m a Punk Rocker

I wrote “My Mother Doesn’t Know I’m a Punk Rocker” in 1990. It was recorded at the original Jam Room Recording Studio in 1990. I played a student model guitar that was randomly in the corner of the recording room and then overdubbed a tambourine that also happened to be there. This is the first...

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It was an absolute joy to appear on Owen McLane’s The Revived Podcast! Thank you, Owen, for an incredible conversation.¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by1AXcz1oVE

NYC Rocks!

We really enjoyed playing The Rose Den NYC on Saturday, July 15, 2023! Thank you, Kat, Sam, and Danny for an incredible show! A big shout out to Milk, Soda City Riot, and Brandy and the Butcher! Thank you to all of the great punk rockers we met. You guys rocked! It was also great...

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