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Band History


Bedlam Hour begins when 17-year-old Chuck Walker’s parents give him one hour of studio time at Sun Sounds in Rock Hill, SC. Along with fellow bandmates from his punk band OU812, Chuck records a song he wrote called “Teacher.” This becomes the birth of Bedlam Hour in January of 1983.


Jon Leroy joins the band on bass. Bedlam Hour releases the Vegetable Harvest cassette.


Doug Throgmorton leaves the band to join Anti Seen, and Scott Frey joins on drums. Bedlam Hour gets signed to Positive Force by Kevin Seconds and releases the Rock the Cradle LP. The band opens for 7 Seconds on the Southeastern leg of their US Tour.

The band also plays CBGBs in NYC and the 930 Club in Washington, D.C. for the first time.


Scott Frey leaves the band, and Brent Long joins on drums. Chuck Walker and Brent Long write “Frankenberry Mosh.” Walker writes “Stand Up and Fight” the same year.

Adam Kolesar joins the band and plays his first show with the band opening for Youth of Today.


Chuck Walker hosts a Fugazi show at Rick Baty’s Dance Graphics and Bedlam Hour opens. Scott Kenneally joins the band on guitar.


Bedlam Hour releases the Porcupine EP on Family Fest Records.

Bedlam Hour releases “Frankenberry Mosh” on the Stupid by the Grace of God” compilation EP. Bedlam Hour gets signed to New Red Archives by Nicky Garratt of the UK Subs and releases “Stand Up and Fight” on Hardcore Breakout USA.

Bedlam Hour releases the Corn Dances ep, which features Walker’s favorite songs from the 1985 Vegetable Harvest album. Bedlam Hour opens for Fugazi.


Brent Long leaves the band. Keyboardist Ed Baker joins the band. Derek Roddy joins the band one day before departing for their US tour and learns the entire touring set in three hours. Bedlam Hour releases the Sardonic and Sublime cassette album.


Bedlam Hour releases a split 7 inch on Koogle Records with friends Stretch Arm Strong.


Chuck Walker completes graduate school and the band tours Europe. A documentary is shot of the tour. Japanese label Jimco Records releases “Stand Up and Fight” on the Snowboard Addiction Compilation CD.


Brian McKenzie joins the band. Chuck Walker writes the Contact CD. This will be their last album for 27 years.


Bedlam Hour plays its last show for 27 years at Rockafellas in Columbia, SC.


German punk rock magazine OX releases “My Mother Doesn’t Know I’m a Punk Rocker” on the OX #27 compilation CD.


New Red Archives releases “Stand Up and Fight” on Hardcore Breakout USA 1,2, and 3.


New Red Archives releases “Stand Up and Fight” on Essential Punk.


Chuck Walker begins work on new Bedlam Hour album Win a Billion Dollars with drummer Derek Roddy and producer and co-writer Brian McKenzie. Bedlam Hour signs with River Monster Records


Bedlam Hour releases Win a Billion Dollars and plays a tour of South Carolina.

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